PzKpfw. 38(t)

They had one at Tankf


After they split off from Austria-Hungary, the Czech had quite a massive arms industry for such a small country. And they built high quality stuff, like the BRNO rifles or the Lt Vz.38. That tank was far more reliable and better armed than contemporary German armour. The Germans stole them after they invaded Czechoslovakia and renamed them Panzer 38(t).

It bravely served the Wehmacht in France, the Balkans and Russia but because the turret was rather small, it couldn't be upgraded like the Panzer 3 or 4 could. But the chassis was good and that formed the basis for many, many variants like the cute litte Jagdpanzer 38(t) aka. the Hetzer

PzKpfw 38(t) Ausf. C

PzKpfw 38(t)
  • Flavion, Belgium
  • early in the morning, May 15th, 1940
  • 25e PzReg, 7e PzDiv "Gespensterdivision"

Rommel's 7th Panzerdivision met some French Char B1b's near the Belgian town of Flavion. The French tanks were larger, stronger and better armed than the German forces but dispersed and confused. Rommel did what he did best; drive on and let the rear guard use their FlaKs on the French.

Rommel in Flavion

PzKpfw 38(t) Ausf. E

PzKpfw 38(t)
  • Borisov, bij Minsk, Wit-Rusland
  • July 12th, 1941
  • PzAbt I, 28e PzReg, 18e PzDiv, XXXXVII Armeekorps, 2e PzGruppe

The Germans got quite a scare when they first met Soviet T-34s. In one instance, the 18e Panzerdivsion was flank attacked by brand new T-34s from the local military school and Yakov Kreizer's 1st "Moscow" motorised infantry division. Those hit the Germans pretty hard, but could not stop them.

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