PzKpfw. II

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Panzer v2.0

The Panzer II incorporated the lessons learnt from the Panzer I’s in the Spanish civil war – and a 2cm autocannon. In the first two years of the war, it was widely used while the Wehrmacht was waiting for its Panzer 3 and 4s. A lot of funky adaptations were made to this vehicle, from Bergepanzer to Marder and the infamous J-model (okay, infamous in WoT).

PzKpfw II ausf. B

PzKpfw II ausf. B
  • Bzura river, Sochaczew, Polen
  • September 16th, 1939
  • 3.PD PR6 "201"

Large bits of Poland used to be Germany. After the First World War, Poland was reshaped by taking these bits and sticking them on to bits of Russian land. Guderian himself was from such a German region and in 1939, he went back home. On the way, he discovered that his troops were far from ready...

Leutnant Felix knows what to do!
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